How to Collect

"HACD has 6 letters, shape, color, ID. In addition to this, there are other details, such as bidding fees, block heights, visual genes, etc. Here we focus on letter, shape, color and ID."
After mastering the wallet and explorer, we can start collecting HACD. We need to learn about what kind of attributes HACD has to collect our favorite HACD.
Each HACD has a 6-letter identity and a number ID. HACD varies in shape, color, letter ID, number ID, and other details, such as bidding fees, block height, visual gene, etc. In this guide, we will focus on letter ID, number ID, shape and color.
It is best to rely on the HACD Filter developed by Hacsah.Diamonds team to assist your collection.
HACD Filter


A HACD's letter ID can have repeated letters in it. For example, "BNNNNN" and "ZZZZZX" are penta-repeat letter IDs. They are extremely rare becuase there are only two penta repeat among all HACDs.
In addition, HACD also has some special names. For example, WHISKY, MYBANK, ETHMAN, etc.


There are 9 shapes in total for HACD. Besides the regular diamond-like shape, a HACD can also be in a special shape, such as square, ellipse, heart, triangle, teardrop, circle, rhombus and hexagon. The mining probability of a special shape is 3%.
All Shapes


There are 16 colors in total for HACD. Each letter represents the center color of a special shape HACD.

Color HEX

['041B2D',], ['004E9A',], ['8A5082',], ['6F5F90',], ['8A5082',], ['FF7B89',], ['F7D6E0',], ['E5C1CD',], ['EFF7F6',], ['F3DBCF',], ['AAC9CE',], ['F2B5D4',], ['7BDFF2',], ['85CBCC',], ['daad7b',], ['F9E2AE',]
There are various combinations of HACD colors. For example, one-color base HACDs always attract collectors' attention. HACDs with 5 colors or 15 colors are also very rare.


The HACD number ID is based on the order of production. Unlike other NFTs, HACD's number ID implies time. The HACD #1 was mined on May 16, 2019, and HACD #40000 was mined on October 17, 2021.
In addition to single HACD, we can also make a collection of HACD. For example, collectors in the community are especially interested in the "9 shapes 1 color" set containing 9 diamonds of unique shapes and uniform colors.
9 Shapes in Different Colors Set Collection
9 Shapes in Red Set Collection
Pure Blue Set Collection