"Create your own HACD address and private key."
The current collectors mainly use several wallets recommended by hacash.org: https://wallet.hacash.org/​
Let's take Windows 64-bit users as an example to see the specific steps for collecting HACD with wallet.

1. Create your own HACD address and private key

Hacash Offline PC Wallet
1.1 Click "Create Account".
1.2 You can choose to "Create Account by Passowrd" or "Create Account Randomly". We recommend that you select "Create Account Randomly" .
1.3 Remember your own address and private key.
Good to know: The address is like account or email address, can be public.
Private Key: The private key is like a password. Whoever owns the private key owns the asset, so it needs to be strictly protected. If you lose it, there is no way to get it back.
2. Provide address to receive HACD
2.1 Provide the HACD address to the person who will send your HACD.

3. Transfer HACD to another address

When you have HACD address and HACD, how to send HACD to another address?
3.1 Click "Create HACD transfer tx".
Good to know: "Tx Fee PrivateKey or Password": As long as there is the PrivateKey or Password of the address containing HAC.
HAC: HAC is a coin in the Hacash chain, and its main function is settlement.
"Tx Fee": Minimum fee should be 0.0001.
3.2 When you're done, click "Create HACD transfer Tx", copy the txbody.
3.3 Open https://wallet.hacash.org/ and put the txbody in the "Send transaction" box.
3.4 Last click "Send Tx".