"Collecting HACD, like collecting anything else, requires some luck, money, and time. "
Dear Collector:
Welcome to the HACD Collection Guide. I hope you have a basic understanding of HACD and are ready to start your HACD collection journey.
Collecting HACD, like collecting anything else, needs luck, money, and time. For example, my favorite HACD is "KENYUU" #36189. Since there is no "O" in any HACD's letter identity, "KENYUU" is the closest to my name KEN YOU. I was unbelievably lucky to get this HACD from a miner who personally knew me and bidded this HACD for me.
In addition to KENYUU, I also like to collect pure color HACD and 9-shaped full color HACD set, but I spend a lot of time and money for those goals, but also a lot of fun. I can feel that other collectors have the same feeling as me.
In addition to "KENYUU", I am also interested in the pure HACD ( or "same color in the bottom of HACD") and the collection of HACDs containing 9 diamonds of unique shapes and uniform colors. I have spent a lot of time and money on these interests, but also have gained a lot of fun from them.
For example, one collector like to collect HACD with pure color bottoms. The collector spent 47,000 USDT, which is equivalent to the price of 1.1 Bitcoin at that time, to collect HACD AXTZZS #39336. Currently, he/she has a combination of two pure blue Hacash Diamond in one address.
I believe and hope that other collectors can share this joy with me. For example, I know a collector especially likes pure HACD ( or "same color in the bottom of HACD"). The collector spent 47,000 USDT, which approximately amounted to 1.1 Bitcoins at that time, on the HACD "AXTZZS" #39336. Currently, the collector has two purely blue HACDs in one address.
Pure HACD Set Collection
There are collectors interested in the HACD collection cointaing 9 diamonds of unique shapes and uniform colors, which is called "9 shapes 1 color" in the community. The collector can either mine or exchange with others to get a complete "9 shapes 1 color" collection.
HACD Red Set Collection
You will be curious, why is HACD worth collecting? In fact, everyone has their own reasons for collecting HACD. I summarize their reasons as follows:
  1. 1.
    The first ever PoW NFT, similar to the Bitcoin version of NFT
  2. 2.
    Fair distribution
  3. 3.
    Not led by any team or artist, but completely advanced by the entire community
  4. 4.
    Safe, store on the Hacash chain as a SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics) file
  5. 5.
    Original and good-looking
  6. 6.
    Dynamically adjust production cost and quantity in response to market demand
  7. 7.
    In addition to the single scarcity of HACD, it can also be collected in a combination of scarcity, which is highly playable and collectible
  8. 8.
    Decentralized lending in the future
And I have been collecting in HACD because I believe it is a NFT of highest liquidity, a currency of greatest potential, and a digital assest preserving long-term value.
If you haven't collected any HACD yet, you must be a little confused by what I have written so far. But it is fine. As you dive into HACD, you will certainly understand everything I have write here.
I hope you can learn everything you need about HACD in this guide. You are welcome to work with the Hacash.Diamonds team to improve this guide and together power HACD to become a mainstream collectible preserving long-term value.
Hacash.Diamonds Founder Ken You