How to Mine and Bid

HACD mining can only be produced by full-node SOLO mining at present. After deploying full-node mining and synchronizing all block data, modify the configuration file.
supervene is the number of concurrent threads for multi-threaded parallel mining;
fee_amount is the default bidding fee for mining HACD;
HAC: HAC is a coin in the Hacash chain, and its main function is settlement. Also it is used in HACD bidding.
fee_password is the password of the address that paid the fee for bidding Or private key (must ensure that the address has the balance set by fee_amount, so that the mined HACD can be packaged into effect);
rewards is the reward address after the HACD is mined;
continued means whether to keep mining HACD after mined out a HACD;
autobid = true means the program of mining HACD can be bid automatically;
autobid_fee_margin means the program automatically checks the HACD bid of the current highest bid.
autobid_check_interval = 5 means autobid_fee_margin automatically checks in every 5 seconds. The minimum can be set to 0.1 seconds.
autobid_fee_max is the upper limit that miner will bid for each HACD, which means that if other people bid more than this price, it will stop bidding and will not offer a higher price.
After starting the process of mining HACD, it should be as follows: